Louise Krasniewicz is a cultural anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

Researching topics in Anthropology and the Media, including symbolic systems, narrative, metaphor, discourse, and ritual behavior in contemporary media cultures. Research also includes the analysis of movies as mythology and as alternative universes, participatory fan culture and the rituals of merchandising, and gaming in cross-cultural perspective. Experience producing creative learning opportunities for students through the use of new media, participatory research, and media production based in anthropological principles. Extensive experience in communicating academic research through digital media. Skilled in media production including graphics design, video editing, website design, interactive media design, digital and traditional photography, image processing, graphic novels, 3D modeling, and animation.

Her academic works can be downloaded at Academia.edu

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One Response to “About”

  1. Ann Cudworth Says:

    Hello Dr. K,
    I have stumbled across your very interesting blog while doing research for a virtual world project I am designing in Second Life. We (Alchemy Sims) have a grant from IBM to build an exhibit on one of their islands this November. Our intent is to make an environment that contains the story of an anthropologist that has discovered an indigenous species (hitherto unknown) within the realms of cyberspace. In fact they are being pushed out of their native environment by our ongoing construction in virtual worlds. The visitors experience will start with the discovery of the Anthropologists’ field notes. That will lead to a hunt for some parts which allow them to make a tool for seeing and eventually visiting this new species. I would love to chat with you about this project, especially as you are interested in the Anthropological aspects of popular culture. I can be reached at the email listed above, and in Second Life as Annabelle Fanshaw. All the best to you, and thanks for this blog. Best regards- Ann/Annabelle

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